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    Piano Lessons
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    Learn to play with Confidence






      Piano Lessons For Beginners in Abu Dhabi

      Rainbow`s Training Music Center piano lessons in Abu Dhabi are vastly different from traditional one-on-one beginner piano lessons that most students end up dreading.

      At Rainbow Training Music Center, our piano teachers get students to love the piano by teaching them to play popular songs while implementing basic concepts and skills like finger placement, scales, pedaling, key differentiation and rhythm.

      We start with private piano lessons paired with band rehearsals to prepare our piano students to play a live gig with a full band. Rainbow`s Training Music Center core philosophy is that performance-based music education is the best way for students to gain musical proficiency.

      All of our lessons programs include a performance aspect.

      Learning a musical instrument is often on people’s wish list of things to do in life. Some students are trying to rekindle the excitement they had when they played when they are younger. Other students never learned an instrument growing up but wish they had.

      • Our lessons for designed for the working professionals, professional and novice musicians. See our professional training page for information for more advanced students.

      • We offer a range of popular instruments for private lessons: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin and Drums.

      • We offer lessons during the day, afternoon, and in the evenings. We also offer lessons for some instruments on Saturdays.

      • Lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60-minute increments depending on your commitment, interests, experience and budget.

      Piano Lessons For Children

      Rainbow Music Training Center offers piano lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced students.

      The piano program dedicated to beginners is designed to match the needs and preferences of each student regardless of the age or level. The student will start learning the correct posture and hands position on the piano, followed by playing with hands separately and gradually using both hands together.

      The repertoire chosen for piano classes will allow students to enjoy and play a variety of music styles, combined with developing the theory aspect of studying the instrument.

      Later we will introduce scales, chords using repertoire ranging from popular to classical music.

      Piano Lessons For Adults

      Have you always wanted to play the piano but worry you are “too old”?

      Or did you have lessons as a child and want to get back into it but don’t know where to start? Is there a family piano sitting at home that you would like to see being used? Perhaps you would like to take some lessons to better support your children’s musical education?

      Whatever the reason, it’s not too late and you are in good company. You will learn to read music and play tunes you enjoy. Our students are of all levels from beginners starting from scratch right up to post Grade 8 level. They range in age from mid-20s through to 70+. They are having lessons for their own pleasure and loving it!

      Individual tuition. Relaxed, friendly lessons for adults of all ages and abilities. Learn at your own pace with experienced specialised tutor.

      If you are interested to be enrolled in this music class please call us at +971 56 928 8366 or use the ONLINE FORM to schedule you first lesson today!

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