What’s a Good Age to Begin Piano Lessons?

One of the biggest questions we get from parents who don’t have musical training is about when to start. At Rainbow Music Training Center, we generally don’t start piano students before age 5. However, that doesn’t mean that every 5-year-old who shows interest in piano is ready to start taking piano lessons.

To know if your child is ready, take a look at your child’s development. To be ready for piano lessons, your child should be on par with peers in physical strength and dexterity. Similarly, as reading music is a big part of learning piano, your child should be at or above the kindergarten level when it comes to reading, phonics, pattern recognition and related skills.

It’s OK if your child is too short to reach the pedals. Beginning level instruction doesn’t require the use of them.

Lastly, your child needs an adequate attention span and ability to stay focused for 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

What Styles of Music Instruction Are Available?

Some students begin piano lessons with a specific goal in mind, such as to become a jazz pianist or a singer-songwriter. We support endeavors like these, of course! However, all students begin by learning fundamental technique and fundamental music literacy. Technique includes posture, hand position and proper playing technique. Music literacy includes reading and writing skills, music theory, and a little music history as well. Students also learn fundamental literature, both in and outside of methods books.

Of course, once a student has learned the fundamentals, we are happy for them to branch out, and we have the skilled staff needed to train them. Once they reach the proper level of mastery of the basics, students can learn piano-related genres and skills like jazz, musical theater, accompanying, songwriting, and more.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

One of the most overwhelming feelings as a parent is when your own child expresses interest in something you don’t understand or know that well yourself. This is the feeling many parents who haven’t studied music face when their children start showing interest in music.

We understand how this can feel overwhelming, and we’re here to help.

What’s the Right Age to Start Violin Lessons?

The right age to start violin lessons (or viola lessons) is a conversation that generates some strong opinions. Some teachers (as well as parents who are themselves string players) are willing to start students as young as three years old.

While we respect that approach, at Rainbow Music Training Center we believe the best learning starts around 5 years old. Our general policy is to wait until age five to begin teaching violin lessons, viola lessons, and cello lessons.

Buying an Instrument

Some parents want to know if they need to bring an instrument to the first lesson. The answer for most students and families is no, not unless you have experience and know how to work with an instrument shop to fit an instrument to your child.

If the previous sentence sounds like nonsense to you, that’s OK! Please understand that buying a violin or viola can be a complex process. If your child is starting young, he or she will not be ready for a full-sized instrument. Smaller instruments (such as a 1/8 violin or a 1/4 viola) are available, and it takes an experienced professional to determine which size is right.

Not only that, as your child gets older and gains more skill, you’ll want to move on from a cheap student model. There is a whole world of choices out there, and prices range from the hundreds into (literally) the millions. It’s quite a lot for a parent without string instrument training to navigate. Let your child’s teacher help you through this part of the journey as well.

The Rainbow Music Training Center Difference

We know you have many choices in the Abu Dhabi area for violin lessons or viola lessons. What sets us apart?

For one, our balanced culture and teaching approach. Some music teachers are all fun and no depth: their students have a great time and learn the basics, but they don’t really progress. On the other end of the spectrum, some music schools practically treat five-year-olds like conservatory students. Students progress (the ones who don’t quit, anyway), but no one’s having fun.

Why Take Violin Lessons or Viola Lessons?

There are some great reasons to study violin or viola beyond merely learning the instrument. Learning an instrument is great for the brain. Doing so generally leads to improved test scores according to a number of studies. It also helps to make your child a more well-rounded person, and it can open the door to opportunities as they progress. Some will simply have a greater appreciation for music and greater enjoyment in playing it.

And some really will make a career of it. We all have, after all!

Want to Learn More about Violin and Viola Lessons in Abu Dhabi?

If you’re ready to get your child started in violin lessons or viola lessons in the Abu Dhabi area, give us a call today. We will get you paired up with a teacher that suits your child’s personality and skill level. Soon your child will be on his or her way to excellent music-making.

What’s the Right Age to Start Guitar Lessons?

While guitar is in many ways a simpler instrument to learn than some others, playing the guitar requires pressing down on the strings fairly hard using only the tips of the fingers. Also, very small hands will have a difficult time forming even simple chords. For this reason, the youngest we start guitar instruction at Rainbow Music Training Center is eight years old.

What Sets Us Apart

Everyone knows someone who plays guitar, it seems. We know there are plenty of places you could go to learn the basics of these instruments or even to take guitar lessons. Why us? Because we’re different.

First, we’re a real music school, and that gives us some real depth. Neither your child’s general music teacher nor that one friend that’s in a band can offer depth. They can teach your child something about how to play a guitar, but it will be limited. The general music teacher will almost certainly follow a generic methods book. Your child’s buddy will teach your kid three, maybe five chords, because that’s all he knows.

Taking lessons here is nothing like that. We offer real, deep instruction that’s tailored to each student’s abilities and goals. We have the depth to train each student in whichever genre or genres he or she wants to pursue.

Second, we’re open-minded enough to support students as they support their guitar goals. We don’t attempt to force all students into the same mold. We know some students are only looking to reach a decent amateur level of guitar-playing ability, while others want to perform at a very high level. Some want to pursue classical; others, jazz or metal.

Third, our location is inviting and convenient, and we strive to make music-making fun and enjoyable. If you’re worried that taking lessons means subjecting yourself to a grueling conservatory-like experience where fun is forbidden and only excellent technique matters, then you don’t know Rainbow Music Training Center. We do both: we have fun and we teach great technique.

Still not convinced? Stop in sometime and see for yourself.

Ready to Start Guitar Lessons in Abu Dhabi?

Are you ready to start taking guitar lessons in or near Aby Dhabi, or is your child ready to do the same? If so, let’s talk. Don’t just get a few pointers from your buddy’s band. Come learn from one of our experienced pros and get meaningful guitar instruction that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact Rainbow Music Training Center today to find a teacher that suits your style.

What’s a Good Age to Begin Drum Lessons?

Adults can start anytime! Students as young as five can learn to play but it is usually best if they wait until the age of seven to take drum lessons. Many people call us and say “my child plays pots and pans all the time and he is four years old. We want to get him into drum lessons.” There is a big difference in having fun pounding away on pots, pans or even your desk if you are an adult and having your teacher give you certain patterns and songs to work on over and over until they are correct. Children under five generally don’t have the attention span to take drum lessons. Instead, start them on piano lessons until the age of seven and then switch them to drums if you really want to give them the best chance at success.

Of course, there are exceptions so please contact us if you think your child is ready for drum lessons!

Do I have to own a drum set to take drum lessons?

No. Many students start learning on a rubber practice pad and a pair of sticks. Adults can start at any age! We recommend starting children at the age of five or six on piano for a year or two. Then they have a huge head-start when they transition to Drums at the age of seven and it usually goes very smoothly for them.

All Skill Levels and (Almost All) Ages Welcome

We delight in teaching singers of all skill levels, from the tone deaf (we believe there’s no such thing, by the way!) to the student preparing for university- or conservatory-level vocal studies. And we’re thrilled to teach singers of almost any age. Our only exception: we don’t generally start lessons before age 10.

Why age 10? There are several reasons. First, the voice is the only instrument that’s internal—it’s actually inside the singer’s body. So we need to wait a little longer for little bodies to mature before we work hard at mastering this instrument. Singing uses a complex set of muscles and demands coordination among several body systems, so it’s good to wait until everything is a little more coordinated before beginning singing lessons.

We also want to be careful about getting too deep into vocal study before puberty, since real changes take place in all voices at that point. What worked to get a “nice” sound in childhood is often not the right technique for lifelong healthy singing.

Of course, we encourage children to sing at any age! They just need to wait until they’re a little older to jump into rigorous study with regular, intentional practice sessions. Even in the teen years, practice sessions should be limited in length to protect a still-maturing instrument. The singing voice doesn’t even fully mature until around 30 years of age!

What Sets Us Apart

We know you have plenty of options to choose from for voice lessons. But we also know that’s part of the problem. Even if you have a musical background, it’s overwhelming to sift through all the available options. That’s one thing that sets Rainbow Music Training Center apart from the rest: we’ve done the hard work for you by vetting our prospective teachers and hiring only the best.

We’re well known in the Abu Dhaby community for being a trusted, high-quality source of music lessons that doesn’t lose the fun that makes studying music so great. Some “serious” music schools focus so much on rigid methods and conservatory prep that the fun is lost.

We say instead: Why not both? Our atmosphere is warm and fun, and yet students with an eye toward conservatory study and even professional careers in music can get the right preparation with us.

Why Take Singing Lessons?

Perhaps your child has expressed interest in taking singing lessons, but you’re not so sure. What will it accomplish, anyway? Even if your child shows some natural aptitude, you may doubt you’re raising the next Pavarotti (or the next music reality show winner).

We understand where you’re coming from. But the fact is there are plenty of reasons to take voice lessons besides becoming the next singing sensation.

Of course, there have been many studies showing the scholastic benefit to studying music. Students who start studying music show an uptick in test scores compared to those who do not.

Singing lessons are a quality enrichment activity, too. They exercise the body and mind in a way that’s different from other extracurricular, and they can demonstrate well-roundedness on that college application.

We also believe that singing is one of the greatest musical abilities, because your child’s voice is literally a part of them. Learning to sing puts people in greater touch with their own bodies and feelings, and it equips them with a skill they will use often, professionally or not.

But most importantly, singing is incredibly rewarding for those who enjoy doing it. It’s wonderful fun!

Are You Ready for Voice Lessons in Abu Dhabi?

Are you ready to get started with singing lessons in the Abu Dhabi area, either for you or for a family member or child? Contact us today to begin the process. We’ll work with you to find the teacher that is the perfect fit for your musical goals.

Taking voice lessons is incredibly rewarding. Taking such a journey through music with the instrument of your own voice is empowering. At Rainbow Music Training Center, we want to help students along this exciting journey. Whether you are new to singing or you have been singing for years, everyone can benefit from honing their craft.

Vocal prowess occurs with plenty of skills, techniques and practice. Voice lessons can help students gain the necessary skills to reach their aspirations or even go on to be professional singers. Confidence in one’s singing ability is important. Learning the correct way to use the vocal chords to create beautiful sounds will help students gain the confidence needed to succeed.